Monoplace HBO Chambers

Baroks Monoplace chambers can be produced both as semi and full acrylic type. Our chambers has large internal diameter with 30” and 33.5” options. With its rich standard and optional features these chambers are the “best value solutions” for your hyperbaric medical center. The Monoplace Hyperbaric Treatment System is designed to safely provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients at pressure up to 3 atmospheres absolute (29.4psig).

Patient capacity : 1

Working pressure: 2.0 to 3.0 bar

Diameter: 800 mm to 900 mm

Length: 2.2 m

Weight: 1.1 Ton

Door size : 800—900 mm

Viewports: 90 cm half acyrilic ASME PVHO

Certificates : PED and Medical CE

Equipped with: Gurney / Stretcher Auto lock system

Optionals: air suply systemcooling /heating system