Reliability Test Lab Services :

Votsch Climatic Chamber

Model: C4-600 (Air cooled)
Temp range:(-40°C to +180°C)
Humidity range:10% to 95% RH
Inside dim:W800 X D800 X H950mm


Model: PH-200
Temp. range:+1°C to 200°C
Inside dim: W 600 X D 600 X H 600 mm

ESPEC Climatic Chamber

Model: PR -3SP
Temp range : -20 degree c to +100 degree c
Humidity range: : 20% to 98% RH
Inside dim:W600 X H850 X D800mm

Drop Tester

Specimen Max size: L900 X W510 X H900mm
Specimen Max wt: 70kg
Drop height range: 200 X 1000mm

EMIC Vibration Test System

Model: F-600BM/A-E90
Sine Force: 600 Kgf peak
Random force: 420 kgf rms
Frequency range: 5Hz to 2300Hz
Max.Stroke: 30 mm peak to peak at no load
Max. Acceleration: 70G at no load
Max. velocity: 150cm/s
Max. payload wt: 200 kg
Max. bare table Acc: 70.5 Peak
Armature weight: 8.5kg