Decompression Chamber

Following IMCA guidelines and using European standards (GL, DNV etc.) Baroks produce and outfit its chambers with highest quality equipment. Keeping ‘safety first’ always in priority we take all precautions during production of the chamber as imposed by the standards. Extensive range of optional equipments are also available to allow the system to be custom-designed.

> Working Pressure : 5.5 bar to 10 bar

> Diameter: 1300 mm to 1800 mm

> Length: 3.5 m to 5 m

> Weigth: 3.5 to 7 ton

> Door size: 800 mm to 1 m

> Viewports: ≥ 220 mm (depending on request) ASME PVHO

> Approval: TUV/ Lloyd ( as per customer request)

> Equipped with: Skid for mounting, IMCA required equipments Caisson gauge, LED lighting, Marine type equipments, Foldable banks

> Optionals: NATO flange, Heating and cooling system